Luxury Camping
Adventure with Style!

African Camping Safaris are simply a different safari experience! They bring you close to African nature. With an exclusive style of camping, our camping safaris are not only designed for the younger generation but for all those who enjoy camping and are open to nature. Mobile camping is a flexible way of travelling: like the "good old days" we are moving from one site to another carrying with us all our equipment and our competent staff will take care of all camp duties!  


Our serviced camping safaris are suitable for reasonably fit people, mainly active, fun-loving, informal adventure travellers.

We only use first class equipment for your camping comfort and for the pure pleasure of your safari experience. We offer an exclusive style of camping, a class apart from what most people have experienced in other regions of the world. The best hygiene with hot showers, portable toilets, good sleeping comfort in large tents with bed sheets and an excellent cuisine with international and African dishes.


For your adventure, we have opted for a customized safari vehicle. The passengers have luxury seats and extra large sliding windows to enjoy the scenery.

A logistic vehicle and a safari trailer is travelling with us to ensure a full service safari. Our safari trailer is designed with particular options and fully equipped with: 200 lt water tank, 70t and 40lt Freezers, Complete field kitchen, 3 x 1.8m tables and chairs for everybody.

Sleeping comfort in large tents. Large inflatable canvas tents 3m x 3m x 1.95m (2 persons per tent), stretchers, mattresses and bedding. You will sleep in bed sheets with a pillow and your tent is Mosquito protected.

Hygiene: Portable toilets and a hot water shower system are available on safari!

Your professional Tour Leader will escort you on safari. He is assisted with one or more driver-guides and all of them are well experienced field guides with an extensive knowledge of the country, wildlife and birds.

A Logistic Team will travel with you in a separate vehicle and trailer and shall take care of all camp duties. They will set up and clear the camp, clean the tents, wash the dishes, take care of your laundry, etc. All of them are camping experts and glad to be at you service!

Your Cook will prepare meals of international flavour, including soups, salads, cold meats, pasta dishes, meat and fish dishes and bread. Our menus have been studied and established well in advance by our catering expert. He has also included typical African dishes as part of your safari experience. Bottled mineral water is included in the all-inclusive daily rate. Local beer, wine and spirits are at your own expense and can be ordered at any time. We take care of your dietary needs, let us know in advance!

While Luxury Mobile Camping is generally available for small group safaris they can be organized for private safaris as well. The cost will largely depend on the number of participants and we therefore advise to organize them with min. 4 participants! With our exclusive style of camping there is a whole team and quite a lot of equipment involved!