Road Safaris
Good to know ...

Most visitors will organize their safari by road. It is only by road that you can see the villages, the markets and the people. The first thing you must know is that the roads are really bumpy and some in bad condition. More important is to be aware that the driving standards in East Africa are very low compared to western standards. Your driver-guide and his vehicle are the most important part of your safari.

Our driver-guides are experienced persons and we employ them full time. They are trained in defensive driving and attended a 4WD course in low range, high range and self recovery. They are also your field guides with an extensive knowledge of the country, wildlife and birds. They will share their passion with you and explain the cultures of their country. We select, train and work with local driver-guides because we have experienced that most of our clients prefer them to western guides. Each of them have special skills that we use to match the needs of our clients. Some of them are Tour Leaders conducting our small group safaris. Others are specialized bird watchers. We consider that our driver-guides are the most important asset of your safari!

Safari vehicles are customised for easy game viewing. Most of them are minibuses others are 4 WD vehicles. In Southern Africa they have even open game drive vehicles exclusively used for game drives.

For your safety we use modern, custom-built 4 WD Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers, specially designed for your comfort and to ensure easy observation and  photography. Each vehicle is customized to give extra leg room and plenty of headroom. Extra large windows with open roof improve all round game viewing and room for those with cameras with big lenses, tripods etc. We guarantee each visitor a window seat for the game drives. Some of our vehicles are designed for small groups others for smaller parties.

Our off-road safari trailers are designed for your camping adventure and fully equipped with water tank, 70lt deep freezers, complete field kitchen, 3m x 1.8 m tables and chairs. Our vehicles and other equipment are properly maintained by our competent technicians and we have our own workshop! 

Discover East-Africa with well maintained and comfortable safaris vehicles. Take competent driver-guides, they are surely the most important asset of your safari. For your discovery and some adventure, do not hesitate to consider travelling with other equipment. Use the best camping equipment and take our camping experts with you!