Special Interest - Primate Safaris!
Special Interest Safaris are custom designed safaris that take you beyond the traditional safaris that most of the time are made for the first-time visitors. Our safaris proposals are designed for nature lovers who would like to focus on one or more particular aspects of nature in the East African region. They offer you the benefits of the field expertise allowing you to learn from the activities that are included . They can be either tailor made or small group safaris.

Safaris featuring this travelstyle

You will find in this section:

- Uganda Primate Safaris.
- Rwanda Primate Safaris.
- Uganda & Rwanda - Primate Safaris.
- Uganda & Rwanda & Zanzibar - Primate Safaris. 


* The itineraries are specialy designed allowing to visit in a short time the the places of interest.

* The special activities are conducted by specialized Rangers.

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