Lodge Safaris
Our lodge safaris offer you a luxury safari style.  A combination of simple luxuries and the alluring wilderness! First Class accommodations, excellent food and breathtaking views are all part of your safari experience. They will provide you with great comfort, facilities and experience. Our Lodge safaris will provide you excellent value for money. 
Small Groups
Small group safaris have the advantage of getting travellers together from various parts of the world. They are also interesting for single travellers because they can easily join a group. To allow better nature observation the safaris are limited from 7 up to max. 10 participants. Depending on the size of the group, the land  arrangement will be organized with one or more safari vehicles. Designed for mainly fun-loving and informal adventure travellers!

Each traveller has his own needs. What may be perfect for one client may not be ideal for another. Private Safaris are designed for persons who want to travel with people they know (family and friends). They are Taylor-made and they are most of the time organized with a minimum of 2 participants.

Special Interest
Special Interest Safaris are custom designed safaris that take you beyond the traditional safaris that most of the time are made for the first-time visitors. Our safaris proposals are designed for nature lovers who would like to focus on one or more particular aspects of nature in the East African region. They offer you the benefits of the field expertise allowing you to learn from the activities that are included . They can be either tailor made or small group safaris.
Beach Holidays

East Africa is blessed with the best beaches on the Indian Ocean and Zanzibar must be on your list if you want a vacation that offers excellent relaxation, a wonderful climat, good food and the possibility of mixing all this with some historical visits, nature walks and the discovery of azure blue waters. You can visit Zanzibar after your safari in Uganda or Rwanda and stay a few days just to relax before going home.

Fly-in Safaris

The top end of the African safari market (fly-in safaris), offer you the opportunity to have a scenic flight and to fly to one or more protected areas. A fly-in safari not only saves a considerable amount of time, but provides the traveller with the added benefit of viewing some of the most spectacular regions of Africa from an aerial perspective. They are generally used for tailor-made private safaris.

Road Safaris
Most visitors will organize their safari by road. It is only by road that you can see the villages, the markets and the people. The first thing you must know is that the roads are really bumpy and some in bad condition. More important is to be aware that the driving standards in East Africa are very low compared to western standards. Your driver-guide and his vehicle are the most important part of your safari.
Luxury Camping
African Camping Safaris are simply a different safari experience! They bring you close to African nature. With an exclusive style of camping, our camping safaris are not only designed for the younger generation but for all those who enjoy camping and are open to nature. Mobile camping is a flexible way of travelling: like the "good old days" we are moving from one site to another carrying with us all our equipment and our competent staff will take care of all camp duties!  

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