Each day we have been “singing the praises”
Dear Eric Degreef, Mugema and Moussa:

Forgive our lateness in thanking each of you for handling our safari so professionally!  We are late because we have been sorting, organizing and selecting from about 4,800 total pictures in our 25 days.  Add time for being in the process of writing detailed notes.

Each day we have been “singing the praises” to someone else of the wonderful gorillas, chimps, Golden Monkeys, Colobus Monkeys, etc.!  Mugema and Moussa were so enjoyable to be around, very prompt, and dedicated to us! 

We were very impressed with having seen ALL of Rwanda—all three parks, genocide memorials and evidence of the justice system, the country’s cleanliness, the people in daily activities, etc.

We hope DRC and Burundi settle down—our only disappointment.  Do you think we were in Congo water when our boat with the tricky boatman on Lake Kivu passed between those two islands?  The model in the museum made it appear so.  We certainly were within spitting distance when Moussa had us at both border crossings. 

Anyway, we appreciate your substitution of Akagera N. P.  Mousssa had reserved ahead the troop of baboons (Mugema also), giraffes, etc.—and we helped Rwanda to broaden their attractions beyond the gorillas, as our research claims.

We love Rwanda and Uganda!  Thank you again!

Bev and Harold Griffith - USA

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