Kibale Forest National Park (KFNP)

Kibale Forest NP lies in Western Uganda, southeast of  Fort Portal and was gazetted in 1993 and includes a vital savannah corridor linking with Queen Elisabeth National Park used by large mammals (particularly elephants and hippos). The park covers 766 km² of rainforest interspersed with patches of grassland and swamps.  Kibale Forest lies between an altitude of 1,100 m and 1,590 m.

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Kibale Forest NP offers the greatest variety and concentration of primates in East Africa including about 500 chimpanzees!  It offers the best primate viewing (particularly chimpanzee viewing) and has a bird list of 335 bird species and 140 species of butterflies.

It is not an easy place to view mammals, despite its impressive checklist of 60 species of mammals, including lions, leopards, elephants, hippos, etc. Tourist attractions have been developed in Kanyanchu, Sebitoli and Bigodi. To the west of the park there is a field of more than 30 crater lakes which is an off-the-beaten-track destination for walking and hiking. The area is also an example of community eco-tourism that deserves the attention and support of travellers.Kibale Forest NP plays also an important role in conservation and research. Long-term research has been carried out within the park at Kanyawara. Studies regarding various aspects of forest ecology and chimpanzee research have acquired an international reputation. 

  • Highlights: guided forest walks - guided primate viewing - guided night walks for chimpanzee trekking - bird watching - walking & hiking - magombe (bigodi) swamps - night walks (nocturnal primates).
  • Weather conditions: highlands, expect cool nights!

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