Iby'Iwacu Cultural Village - Volcanoes NP
Communities around the Volcanoes National Park have embraced this Community Based Tourism project to raise their income levels through a participative approach in tourism as an incentive for conservation.  Parks & places
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40 % of the expected profits will be put back to community development projects (research, conservation, education, cultural and ecotourism development) and 60% will go directly to local people in the villages who will determine what to do with it.

Iby'Iwacu means "the way we do, our way of living". 

The village is located on the edge of Volcanoes NP and the local community displays the traditional ways of living, traditional dances and songs ( Intore, Ikinimba, Batwa dances and many more), local fire making, visit to the kings house replica, Batwa shooting arrows, Traditional healer (with Kubandwa/Nyabingi experience), grinding millet on traditional stones, banana beer making experience and many more.

Magic Safaris supports this initiative and has included the visit of the village in most of it's Rwanda Safaris.

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