Lake Kivu
Rwanda counts in total 23 fresh water lakes which fill the Rwandan valleys. Lake Kivu is the largest lake with its 2.699 km² and is divided between Congo and Rwanda. The lake lies on an altitude of 1.459 m and is the highest of Africa. Beneath the lake are located vast reserves of methane gas which have not been exploited.  Parks & places

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The three towns eastwards on the shores of Lake Kivu; Cyangugu, Kibuye and Gisenyi offer spectacular views. Anyone who has seen this part of the country will agree that "Land of thousand hills" is simply an understatement.

Cyangugu is situated completely south of the lake and is only 53 km from Nyungwe NP. On a hill about 28 km from Kibuye lies the genocide memorial of Bisesero. It's hard to believe that in this beautiful region one of the greatest number of Tutsis were killed.Kibuye is a tourist centre, visited by foreign and local residents during the weekend. It's an excellent site for some relaxing moments with safe swimming and water sports.

Gisenyi, completely at north of the lake, is probably the most beautiful resort town on Lake Kivu. During the colonial period people came from all over Congo to have their holidays in Goma and Gisenyi.

From Gisenyi, you can cross the border to Congo and visit the city of Goma, devastated by the Nyiaragongo volcano, one of the active Virunga volcanoes on the Congo side which erupted the 17th of January 2002. It's amazing to see how the Congolees people overcame this natural catastrophe. A few weeks after the eruption, small stalls were selling sweets and cigarettes again, business owners were raising their buildings of metal and concrete and started business again.

  • Higlights: The spectacular views, relaxing moments in Kibuye and the excursion to Goma.
  • Distance: Cyangungu-Kibuye 125 km, Kibuye-Gisenyi 110 km, Gisenyi- Ruhengeri 62 km.

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