Semliki Valley

The Semuliki Valley lies north-west of Fort Portal and lies within the western arm of the East-African rift valley. To the southeast are located the Rwenzories, to the west Congo and to the north Lake Albert. In the valley you have 2 protected areas.

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  • Semuliki National Park (220 km²) shares its eco-system with the vast Ituri Forest of Congo. The park has been gazetted as a National Park in 1993 and had before the status of a Forest Reserve. The Forest is the only lowland tropical rain forest of East-Africa. There are more than 300 tree species recordedof which 125 species are restricted to Semuliki NP and two neighoring forests in Congo. In the forest are 63 species of mammals with 9 species of forest primates.

  • Semliki Valley Wild Reserve (WR) established in 1929 was the first protected area in Uganda. It contains 548 km² of woodland and savannah. It has a high number of Uganda kob, hartebeest, buffalo and other large mammals. Wildlife populations have been reduced during the 1970's but are recovering well.

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