Katonga WR
The Katonga Wildlife Reserve, which was gazetted in 1964, is also a corridor for migrating Wildlife. The reserve, which is located along the Katonga River, has a divers ecosystem, involving a predominately mixed savannah of acacia and woodlands. A large portion of the reserve is covered either with permanent or seasonal wetlands. The reserve has also pockets of forests.
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The reserve suffered from civil unrest during the 1980s and is now under pressure from cattle grazing. Nonetheless, the animal populations are once again on the rise. Katonga's landscape remains remarkable and it is a strictly walk-through area. It is a real off-the-beaten-track destination.

Highlights: canoe trip through the 2 km channel swamps with rewarding birdwatching and one of the places to see the rare sitatunga. - guided walks.

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