Land of Thousand Hills!

Country Overview. 

Rwanda is a small landlocked country, it borders on Uganda in the north, on Tanzania in the east, on Burundi in the south and on Congo in the west. Kigali is the capital of Rwanda. The country is dominated by a central plateau made up of steep mountains and deep valleys and has therefore received his subtitle "Land of thousand hills". The average elevation of the plateau is about 1.700 m. The most important topics are:

Rwanda is unfortunately remembered as the Land of the genocide which dominated world headlines in 1994. Nobody can deny this. The general public still remembers these atrocities and only time will heal.

Rwanda is not the first country on the African continent having its part of civil strife. The Adventure Traveler coming to Africa knows this and will disregard the country's image if he can travel safely.  Rwanda is surely regaining its reputation as first gorilla destination.