Lake George - Lake Edward - Kazinga Channel
Lake George - Lake Edward - Kazinga Channel
Three well connected features. 

The Kazinga Channel in Uganda is a wide, 36km long natural channel that links Lake Edward and Lake George. It's a dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park bacause it attracts a varied range of animals and birds both perennial and migratory bird species.

Lake George is a small shallow lake of about 250 km2 with an average depth of only 2.4 m. At an altitude of 914 m above sea level. Lake Gorge is mainly supplied by inflows from the Rwenzori mountain range. The outflow is the Kazinga Channel which drains into Lake Edward. The level of water fluctuates very little.

Lake Edward was 'discovered' by Henry Morton Stanley in 1889 and named after the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII (9 November 1841–6 May 1910). Lake Edward is one of the great lakes of Africa lying in the western Rift Valley (Albertine Rift). Its length is about 65 km and the maximum width is 38 km and covers a total surface area of 2,150 km².

The main inflows to Lake Edward are the Nyamugasani River, which drains the southwestern end of the Rwenzoris, and Ishasha, Rutshuru and Rwindi Rivers from the Kigezi and Rwanda highlands and The Virunga volcanoes in the south. The annual contribution from the Kazinga Channel is probably small compared with that from the rivers. The amount of water flowing through the lake, exclusive of evaporation, can be seen at the outflow via the Semliki River to Lake Albert at Ishango in the northwest which is 30-40 m wide. The water leaves the lake as a rapid and turbulent stream about 3 m deep over rocks and boulders. It is so clear that the hippopotamus can be observed under water and large numbers of Barbus are seen facing the current.

The eastern half of Lakes Edward and George is surrounded by the Rwenzori NP and Queen Elizabeth NP (Uganda). The western half of Lake Edward, including the outflowing Semliki River, is encompassed by the Virunga National park (Congo).

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