Nile Crocodile
Nile Crocodile
Crocodiles are large, lizard-like animals with powerful jaws, many cronical teeth, short legs with webbed toes and claws, and long massive tails used for aquatic propulsion. Their dosal skin is thick and plated, but the belly skin is softer.

Its habitat is large freshwater lakes, swamps, and rivers plus coastal estuaries and mangrove swamps.The large number of Nile crocodile is found in Uganda.

Mating occurs in water. Female digs a hole with her hindlegs, lays about 40 hard-shelled eggs, and covers them with sand, then fasts about 90 days while defending the eggs site. The Young Crocodiles begins feeding on insects on land, but as sub-adult moves into swamps and backwaters to take fish, frogs...

 Source of information: Collins Guide to African Wildlife

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