Rafting The Nile
Adventure waits on the River Nile!

Rafting the river Nile has become a worldwide reference for the Adventure Traveller. The first historic descent on the White Nile was in 1996. Until then no one dared to challenge the White Nile at its source with some of the most powerful and sustained rapids on earth. The mighty Nile rushes rapidly between forest covered islands, explodes in huge warm waves and creates the best rapids for rafting, kayaking and river surfing to be found anywhere in the world.

The longest river in the world, the Nile starts its 6600 km journey to the Mediterranean at Jinja on the shores of Lake Victoria. The White Nile has up to ten times the volume of the Zambezi River.  Experts consider that the Nile is the best place for rafting after the Colorado River (USA)!

The Rafting trip is organized in co-operation with a specialised operator. There are different rafting trips available:

Kayaking on the river, with qualified expert paddler guides - though some previous kayaking experience is necessary.

Bungee jumping is also available at Jinja. The 44 meters jump directly down to the source of the Nile is one of the most impressive bungee jumps in the world!

The Nile river is considered as one of the safest rivers in the world because there are only a few rocks and because it’s a so called “ drop pool river” which means that if you fall out you will wind up in a calm pool where you will be immediately picked up by safety kayakers. It is one of the safest rivers in the world.