Diving & Snorkeling - Zanzibar!
Zanzibar diving and snorkeling is amongst the most spectacular in the world with stunning coral gardens and more than 350 fish species recorded. There are more than 20 magnificent dive sites which offer variety and adventure for beginners, trying scuba for the first time as well as for the experienced diver!  Print activity

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Scuba Diving: 

- The diving around Zanzibar, particularly Mnemba Island is exceptional. And don't miss the good wreck dives in the Stone Town area! There are more than 15 dive centres in Zanzibar at your service! 

- Zanzibar’s fringing coral reefs offer stupendous scuba diving within a short boat ride of most beaches. Visibility is best from November to March. Diving is possible all year round but during the summer you can have strong currents that make the more exposed reefs for experienced divers inaccessible.  The sheltered sites are suitable for novices. 

- If you're coming to Zanzibar for diving there are a few things worth considering:

- Diving sites are generally reached by boat.
- Although diving is possible all year round, most divers avoid the rainy season from March to May.
- The western sides of the island are more sheltered than the eastern sides, which are more susceptible to swim.
- From June to October the diving is better on the northern coasts of Pemba and Zanzibar.
- September through December offers the calmest waters.
- November through March is when the southern coasts offer better diving.


- If scuba diving scares you, snorkeling is an excellent and cheap way of discovering the fantastic underwater life. Reefs at the east coast are close enough to swim or wade out to. But it’s worth using a boat to reach the less accessible reefs. 

- Tumbatu Island at the Northwest and Chumbe Island Coral Park, at the Southwest are two of the highlights for snorkeling. The eastern and northeastern snorkeling reefs are subject to tidal variations but have plenty of variety.


Don’t forget that coral reefs are among the most fragile ecosystems on earth. You can minimize the impact that you have on a reef by following some rules:

Dive and swim carefully.
Never touch the corals.
Don’t feed anything.
Do not take anything.

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